Papua New Guinea Lahamenegu Peaberry

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Flavor Profile: Dark Chocolate, Dried Fruit, Green Tea

About the Coffee
Volcafe PNG is the only exporter to own a wet mill in PNG. The Lahamenegu wet mill in the Eastern Highlands is equipped with brand new machinery to take PNG cherries to the next level in quality control. While most smallholders wash and process coffee themselves and bring parchment to market, Volcafe PNG has the capability to buy in cherry and control processing consistency.

What’s even more exciting is that private ownership of a wet mill allows Volcafe PNG to experiment with other processing methods rarely on offer for PNG coffee.

Origin Report
Out of the nine million people in PNG, around 2.5 million (30%) are involved in coffee. Exports of coffee account for approximately 6% (US$72 million) of the country’s GDP, and it’s the second leading agricultural product after palm oil. With numbers like that, most people expect coffee to be highly valued locally, but production levels tell a different story.