Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Idido Natural

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Flavor: Passion fruit, cane sugar, floral, nutty, green apple.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe | Idido Coffee Mill
The Idido mill, previously known as the Misty Valley mill, holds a long history of serving farmers in Yirgacheffe with meticulous traditional and experimental processing methods.


While Yirgacheffe took its place on the map for outstanding washed coffees, Idido and its neighboring region of Aricha changed the conversation with special preparation naturals. In the early 2000s, producers in the area started experimenting with processing methods and helped develop the iconic natural flavor profile.


Yirgacheffe Coffee Growing Region
Yirgacheffe is a coffee region that needs little introduction. With a mild climate that experiences a lot of rainfall, Yirgacheffe’s high altitudes produce fruit-forward, sweet coffees that are always a favorite among coffee drinkers & coffee roasters around the world. Ancient landrace varieties dominate the smallholder coffee gardens that are often organic by default, tended by farmers who intercrop food crops to maximize the potential of this region’s fertility and its terroir.


Natural Process Coffee In Ethiopia
In the natural process, only the ripest coffee cherries are harvested. The entire procedure requires thorough planning because drying naturals is a slow process that can take up to four weeks. Coffee cherries are dried whole, without removing any of the fruit, on raised beds set out in the sun.


At Idido, the cherries are stirred non-stop with rakes and repeatedly sorted until they reach a satisfactory quality standard. The result of this care is a flawless natural coffee with mouthwatering fruity notes of passion fruit and green apple, with floral hints, a clean cane sugar sweetness, bright acidity, and a nutty aftertaste. Savor the remarkably clean finish of this natural process Yirgacheffe coffee that comes from thorough precision throughout production.


Ethiopia Coffee Grading
Coffee grading in Ethiopia is based on the combined result of physical qualities and cup qualities, including altitude, imperfections, and flavor. Grades range from 1 (high) to 9 (low), with grades 1 and 2 considered specialty. High-quality natural coffees from Yirgacheffe like this one often express hallmark characteristics of bright citrus acidity, lemony flavors, and excellent sweetness.


Ethiopian Coffee
Ethiopia, the homeland of Arabica coffee, might only produce 3-4% of the world’s coffee supply, but the variety of character that comes from this origin is astounding. Thousands of different landrace varieties still grow wild in Ethiopia’s mountainous forests.


Ethiopian coffee beans are celebrated for their bright fruit and floral flavors, expressed with exceptional acidity and sweetness. Out of the many coffee-growing districts in the country, a few stand out from the crowd with their highly distinctive cup profiles, like Yirgacheffe, Sidama, and Guji.