Colombia Tolima La Excelencia Organic

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Flavor Profile: Citrus, caramel and milk chocolate, creamy body.

For many years Tolima has remained hidden in plain sight between other well-known coffee growing regions because armed conflict and coca leaf production isolated small coffee producers and exposed them to high rates of violence. As conflict has subsided in recent years, locally organized associations have taken the lead in creating market access for their coffee.
Sourcing details
This traceable blend with a vibrant regional profile comes from an association called Asociación Multiactiva de Productores café Excelencia de Ataco Tolima (Café Excelencia), which has 84 producers with small farms in the municipalities of Ataco. Each producer has their own micro-mill where they carefully harvest cherries, depulp, ferment, wash and gently dry the parchment on raised beds. Their impeccable farm management and post-harvest practices culminate into a clean and consistent blend. But there are also just enough differences from farm to farm to create a rich complexity of flavors.
The Exporter
An export company called Mastercol provides crucial logistical support for things like warehousing and milling coffee for export to the international market, which provides better income for everyone to reinvest in their farms and strengthen their families’ livelihoods.