Guatemala Chimaltenango Finca Santa Rita RFA SMBC Organic

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Flavor profile: Sweet, berry, chocolate, heavy.

Grower Dariush Echeverria Zachrisson
Variety Bourbon, Typica, and Gesha
Region Patzún, Chimaltenango, Guatemala
Harvest October - February
Altitude 1,400 - 1,800 meters
Soil Volcanic loam
Process Fully washed and dried in the sun
Certifications Smithsonian Bird-Certified, Organic, Rainforest Alliance.

GUATEMALA ORGANIC RFA SMBC FINCA SANTA RITA is sourced from the Echeverria family. The Echeverria family has been cultivating coffee since 1878, in the municipality of Patzún, department of Chimaltenango, Guatemala. The farm has been OCIA certified organic since 1996 and is also certified Bird-Friendly by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center. Only 96 hectares of the farm are used for coffee production while the remainder of the 286 hectares is preserved forest. The coffee plants, some over 100 years old, grow in volcanic soil under an old growth canopy of native shade trees. As one of the oldest operating coffee farms in Guatemala, the knowledge and tradition brought to cherry selection, fermentation, and drying is unmatched.