Ethiopia Lekempti Natural

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Flavor:   Strawberry, Dried Apricot, Floral, Sweet.

About the Coffee
Ethiopia, the homeland of Arabica coffee, might only produce 3-4% of the world’s coffee supply, but the variety of character that comes from this origin is astounding. Out of the many coffee-growing districts in the country, a few stand out from the crowd with their highly distinctive cup profiles. Among these is Lekempti, which gets its name from the market town of Nekemte, where all of the coffee grown in the area passes through. Nekemte’s location as a trading hotspot is ideal. The bustling city sits at the center of the road network that spans south-western Ethiopia and connects Nekemte with Gimbi, another region celebrated for unique coffee characteristics.

Many much-loved Ethiopian coffees are known for their bright acidity, but Lekempti coffee is appreciated for its smoother acidity, balance, and delicate fruit flavors. Lekempti coffee is primarily cultivated in Welega, a province to the west of Addis Ababa, where coffee is mostly grown in forest or semi-forest land and naturally processed. The majority of the population in Welega is of the Oromo ethnic group, recognized as the first people to cultivate coffee, and has a long history with the plant that intertwines deeply with Oromo culture.